Monday, July 21


sweatpants - self made
top - terranova

i keep proving myself wrong this year..
i made and proudly wore bunch of unusual (for me) stuff
pants and more pants and shorts and leggings, that i used to hate
and here i am, sporting sweatpants
that are ranked second on my irrational hate list of clothing items
(no 1 is saved for jeans.. still hate jeans very much
and still think i won't wear them ever..
but who am i kidding, i'll probably end up making them too)
i've actually made sweatpants before
and still own and occasionally wear that pair
but, although cool to look at, those are not the most practical of pants
with all that extra fabric in crotch area
but these are pretty much perfect
(except when it comes to pattern matching
they are slightly off and it bugs me, big time)
they are great travel pants
great for camping, lounging by fire, hiking, workout
and i even wore them to the local pub one night
(and my grandma is crazy about them
she requested a pair too)

Tuesday, July 15

mountain top

top, shorts - self made

photos from the first day of my mountain trip
a really easy climb
but the one i never skip
because the view from the top is insane
you can't see that from my pics
because i forgot to change lens on my nikon
and portrait lens makes crappy landscape pictures
also, shorty shorts make crappy hiking wear
unless you have a thing for ridiculously scratched up legs


Tuesday, July 8

cursed mountains

leggings (and top and shorts) - self made

just got back from my mountain trip..
spent a fabulous week on prokletije in montenegro 
camping and hiking and climbing 
with nikola and friends (and their kids..
and their bichon bolognese
called leo, that you can see in one of the pics)
made bunch of clothes for the trip
and planned to shoot all that clothes while there
but i pretty much failed..
i was having way too much fun
and photo shoots looked like such a pain in the ass at the moment
i did, however, menage to find few pics of me
wearing my favorite leggings ever!
such a shame that the fabric is sold out
i kind of wanna make 2 more pairs of identical leggings
so i can wear them when these fall apart

Tuesday, June 24

leftovers shorts

shorts - self made
shirt - vintage, from the '70s

never been a neat person..
i'll let the dishes pile up
i'll let the laundry pile up
damn.. i'll let everything pile up
and do nothing about it
until i'm in the right mood for it
(or until i'm called hoarder)
not too neat with my sewing neither
won't stress over wonky seams and uneven top stitching..
but there is one thing i'm obsessively neat about
and that one thing is pattern matching
i just love pattern matching!
and working with stripes and plaid and gingham
and all kind of repetitive patterns..
and these little shorts
(made out of leftovers from this kimono)
were a pure joy to sew

Friday, June 20

jumpsuit season

jumpsuit - self made

bought a jumpsuit last year
at a flea market
and wore the hell out of it
it was my go-to outfit entire summer
but it got a bit too big for me now
and instead of altering it to fit
i made a brand new one
and i really like the way it turned out
(and have few more jumpsuits on my mind
in different fabrics and patterns and shapes and lengths)
ok.. i admit that jumpsuits are slightly annoying
because you have to strip down every time you need to use a bathroom
but besides that, i'm crazy about jumpsuits
they are like cute little dresses
but you can bend down or squat
without flashing everyone around you
what do you think:
you approve? or i look like a giant baby?

Monday, June 16

silver net

top - self made
leggings - self made

apparently, once you take a pvc shorts route
there's no going back to floral silks, rainbows and ruffles..
from that moment on
it's all black net, leather piping, liquid silver
and studded booties

Wednesday, May 14

prison uniform nettie

bodysuit - nettie
shorts - self made
hand me down trench
mountaineering boots - alpina

boy, am i tired of this shorts..
and living out of a suitcase, for that matter..
but these shorts are the only thing in said suitcase
that pairs well with my fabulous new nettie
well.. if we don't count those silly pvc shorts pictured below
i kind of thought they would look fab with my prison nettie
but once i saw the pics
 i'm pretty sure no one should be seen in public wearing that
(but i'll admit it was pretty fun sewing pvc shorts..
and i hope to find a nice dominatrix lady to sell them to her)
ok.. back to the nettie!
i love this one even more than nettie #1
it's super  comfy and super fabulous looking
(gonna look even more fabulous with circle skirts
and fluffy tulle skirts..
can not wait to be reunited with my closet)
this nettie is made in straight size 6
and this time i used 4-way stretch fabric
so it fits like a dream and is equally comfy
no matter what you do:
dance in a pub
go on a mushroom picking hike
or lounge watching orphan black