Thursday, January 22

lace accents

top - neue mode, 04/1981
(also used here)

lace is so not my thing..
i've never actually made anything from lace fabric..
have used lace trim a few times, though
but that's as far as i would usually go
even when it comes to undergarments
but then i found piece of this black mesh lace
and i just had to have it
of course, even though i really loved the fabric
i couldn't bring myself to sew something
entirely out of lace
(and this way i get to use the fabric
for several more projects)

Friday, January 16


top - grainline hemlock tee
leggings - burda 6/2012, #124, modified

here's a fact - i'm a burda girl
and hardly ever sew from any other pattern company..
the only time i have used one of the 'big four' patterns
was for my sew bossy project, when kazz sent me vogue pattern
and beside that, i made several nettie bodysuits 
one deer and doe plantain (modified to dress)
few tessuti fave tops
and jade skirt by paprika patterns
all of which were a success, and i wear them a lot..
i've also made a top using salme sonja dress pattern
it took forever to sew it, as i had to make billion changes
and the result is a wonky mess of a top, that i never wear
as you have probably noticed
these are all free patterns 
(not the nettie, but i was a pattern tester for nettie)
so, sooner or later i had to sew hemlock tee
another free indie pattern 
and i'm pretty glad that i did
as it became my daily uniform 
together with these jersey suede leggings
(color and texture of that jersey fabric
reminded me of riding pants
so i modified my favorite leggings pattern to mimic those)
scarf is inspired by beautiful scarf 
that my dear friend tea recently made
but my knitting skills are a bit rusty
so my version is nowhere near the inspiration
(i'm thinking of unraveling it
and trying again, using bigger needles)

Monday, January 5


blouse - burda 10/2014, #128
pants - burda 7/2011, #102

having a love hate relationship with this blouse..
love the color and shape of it
love the elbow dart too
(it makes sleeves way more comfy, 
i wonder why is it so rare to see those darts in patterns nowadays)
don't mind that neckline is that deep
as long as i don't wear it to play pool, i'll be fine
(and i can always move snaps up a little bit, and make it more modest)
but what does bother me 
is that it's so damn hard to iron the blouse well
this rayon fabric wrinkles in no time
also, shoulders ended up looking a bit funky in pics
but that's more due to my bad ironing than pattern issues
 what i really hate is how short it turned out at front..
and i should see that coming
pattern i used is dress pattern actually
but i used only bodice parts
i've changed the back, and made it longer
so it can be tucked into pants,
but i was too lazy to figure out how to modify the front
end ended up with too short blouse
and that silly strip of belly showing when i move
(well.. these pics were shot back in november
in the meantime
i realized i can wear camisole underneath blouse to prevent that)

Monday, December 8

summer bits and pieces

it's a little bit late for this kind of a post right now
since it's almost winter
and there is a big chance it's gonna snow tomorrow night..
but, what the hell
lets pretend it's summertime, all over again
so, this summer
nikola and i have spent a month traveling trough herzegovina
and dalmatia..

we swam in ice cold water, at kravice waterfall
(in handmade swimsuit, of course)

and hiked a bit, with our croatian friends

visited medieval town of počitelj

and spent a week or two wild camping
at mouth of river neretva

since we came back from our trip
i've made ridiculous amount of clothes
but somewhere along the line, it stopped being fun to blog about that..
while i enjoy sewing, and sew every single day
taking photos of garments and writing about those garments 
or generally, writing about anything
became such a drag..
so.. dunno.. maybe it's just a phase
it's been a hard year (apart from that one month spent traveling)..
maybe next year brings blogging mojo back

Monday, October 27

caramel and charcoal

cardigan - (burda 10/2014, #113)
dress - (burda 4/2013, #109, 
modified using pattern magic musubu dress diagram)

this cardigan is probably the cosiest thing i ever made
it's soft and warm and feels like wearing a blanket
(maybe even a security blanket of some sort)..
i'm always moody and cranky when fall is in full swing
all i wanna do is cover myself with mountain of blankets
and spend my days reading books..
and live off of roasted chestnuts and pumpkin cakes
of course, i can't really do that
as i barely see my home these days,
but at least now i can wear my blanket everywhere i go
without looking like linus van pelt

Friday, October 17

transformer jacket

crazy jacket, right?
i guess bunch of people won't like it
as it's not tailored or fitted or lined
no hand sewing or pad stitching involved
and frankly, i hated it at one point too..
it started with burda's long cardigan pattern from october issue
well.. 'pattern' is a bit strong word,
as it's basically two long rectangles
plus sleeves,
but i loved the design anyways
and wanted to try it out
pattern is meant to be made in drapey knit fabric
but as usual, i ignored what they say
and went for thick wool knit fabric instead
not a drapey stretchy kind of knit at all,
so it ended up looking really funky at the back
(well, it still does
as you can see in pictures)

wasn't a fan of that look at all
but at some point
i got an idea to try the jacket upside down
and that totally transformed the look
into cool rather than the odd one
(to my eye, at least)
also, it looks way better on my friend sandra
so we bartered, she got the jacket
and i got one fabulous ring (sandra makes jewelry)
here is the pic of collar before i added lining to it
when it only had wool trim:

jacket closes with large black sew in snaps
(and can be closed in few different ways
to create different silhouettes)
but you'll have to take my word for it
cause i added snaps after we took pictures
and isn't it hilarious how that flag photobombed almost all pics?
haven't even noticed it, until i got home and saw pics on my computer
and at that point it was too late to go back and take photos again
and i was too lazy to try removing it in photoshop

Friday, October 3


dress and top - self made
skirt - sun skirt

yes, these are some silly photos,
but we just couldn't be serious for one second..
and how can one be serious
standing barefoot on a rooftop
and in my case holding a stone in palm (why?!)
i always feel really awkward taking pics
and hate every second of it
but, damn, clothes look way better on a human
than on a hanger or a dress form
so i keep on taking pics anyways
and because i made these two garments
using the same fabrics and piping
and they are similar in style
i figured it would be the best to picture them together
so i asked my friend sandra to model the top 
dress is from october issue of burda
and top/sweater or whatever one wanna call it
is made using pattern from neue mode magazine
(from april of 1981)
both are made out of same wool
and with silver faux leather piping