Friday, April 10


here are the other tops i've made
using burda's pattern (2/2015, #128 and #127)
(modeled by my lovely friend sandra)
this pattern requires small amount of fabric
especially if you make short sleeve version
which makes it a perfect scrap busting project:
all three tops were made from scrap fabrics
first one is made in cotton satin
and looks a bit more boxy
than red/black/white one
that is made in georgette
i've also made pants (burda 11/2011, #105)
but they ended up being a bit small for me
(they fit at the waist and hips
but i apparently have gigantic calf muscles)
so, i'll have to make another pair 

for the third, cropped top version 
i used cotton shirting..
pairs beautifully with tea's scalloped skirt, right?


Friday, April 3

id green

top - burda (2/2015, #128)
shorts - burda (10/2010, #111)

would you believe that the top i'm wearing here
is actually this one:

while i did skip all the seams at back
front and sleeve seams are all there (somewhere)
but the print totally hides them
i adore the top and fabric
but it kind of looked like missed opportunity
so i made few more tops using the same pattern
but played a bit with fabrics
in order to show all those seams
(gonna post about those other tops, eventually)

Monday, March 30

linen stitch

coat - burda (08/2012, #101)

few more pics of my new coat
and brand new cowl 
cowl is knitted in linen stitch
using 10mm circular needles
and 3.5 balls of bulky yarn 
(one ball is 50g/60m)
this might be my favorite stitch
i'm obsessed with it so much
that i might try knitting a sweater in it..
and i totally need this cowl
in bubblegum pink.. and mint

Monday, March 23

sweater no.1

so, i've knitted a sweater..
that's kind of funny
as i just rediscovered knitting
and never made anything more complicated than shawl
or a beanie
this rust colored mohair/acrylic yarn
was a birthday gift from tea (thanks tea! for the yarn
and for taking these pics)
and the moment i saw it i knew i want to knit a sweater from it
and, as i do not like being told what to do
i chose to freestyle it, instead of following a pattern
sweater is made in fingering weight yarn
(using 5mm needles instead of recommended 3mm)
it's knitted from the bottom up, in round
and looks like a gigantic rectangle with small sleeves added to it
i'm not really into lace or cables 
don't mind knitting them, but they are not really my style
so i went for  really simple design -  knit stitch 
with occasional rows of double wrap stitch
and usual 2x2 ribbing for hems
i'm pretty happy with how it turned out
and it was a really fun knitting
so i'm already planning new sweaters and blouses
leggings are just another fake riding pants
variation of my favorite pattern from burda

Wednesday, March 18

winter bits and pieces

this february
nikola and i spent few magical days in bosnia
climbing mountains, with bunch of friends
we also visited sarajevo for the first time
and spent all our time there trying out all sorts of delicious local food
so i have no pics of sarajevo to share with you..
but i did bring a piece of sarajevo home with me
in form of royal blue 3d chiffon fabric
that is on it's way to become a blouse
and i totally plan to take some pics of that blouse
once it's finished

Wednesday, March 11

year four

 year four was about maxi dresses

midi dresses

and mini dresses



crazy pants

and less crazy pants



workout gear

odd silhouettes


new skills

bunch of unblogged items

and mountain views

feeling ready for the year five