Monday, March 23

sweater no.1

so, i've knitted a sweater..
that's kind of funny
as i just rediscovered knitting
and never made anything more complicated than shawl
or a beanie
this rust colored mohair/acrylic yarn
was a birthday gift from tea (thanks tea! for the yarn
and for taking these pics)
and the moment i saw it i knew i want to knit a sweater from it
and, as i do not like being told what to do
i chose to freestyle it, instead of following a pattern
sweater is made in fingering weight yarn
(using 5mm needles instead of recommended 3mm)
it's knitted from the bottom up, in round
and looks like a gigantic rectangle with small sleeves added to it
i'm not really into lace or cables 
don't mind knitting them, but they are not really my style
so i went for  really simple design -  knit stitch 
with occasional rows of double wrap stitch
and usual 2x2 ribbing for hems
i'm pretty happy with how it turned out
and it was a really fun knitting
so i'm already planning new sweaters and blouses
leggings are just another fake riding pants
variation of my favorite pattern from burda

Wednesday, March 18

winter bits and pieces

this february
nikola and i spent few magical days in bosnia
climbing mountains, with bunch of friends
we also visited sarajevo for the first time
and spent all our time there trying out all sorts of delicious local food
so i have no pics of sarajevo to share with you..
but i did bring a piece of sarajevo home with me
in form of royal blue 3d chiffon fabric
that is on it's way to become a blouse
and i totally plan to take some pics of that blouse
once it's finished

Wednesday, March 11

year four

 year four was about maxi dresses

midi dresses

and mini dresses



crazy pants

and less crazy pants



workout gear

odd silhouettes


new skills

bunch of unblogged items

and mountain views

feeling ready for the year five

Thursday, March 5


shawl - boneyard, west knits

last few months i'm crazy about knitting..
made few hats and shawls,
my first ever sweater is almost finished,
and i have bunch of new knitting projects on mind
i chose this simple pattern
as my knitting was a bit rusty
and because i wanted to practice a bit
to get tension right, before i dare to knit a sweater
my boneyard turned out a bit wonky
as i had to switch to different needles halfway through it
(i was so impatient to start knitting
and used regular needles to start my shawl
because i did not own circular ones in right size..
and then i kept knitting with them
until there were too many stitches for them to hold, 
when i finally got circular needles.. 
but those i got were one size bigger)
wonky or not, i really love how it turned out
i like how simple it is
it drapes beautifully and is really warm
wool i used is 60% wool and 40% cotton
(white strand being wool, and deep purple one cotton)
i got big cone of it 
so there is enough left to make few more shawls and hats or even a sweater
i'm quite impatient when it comes to sewing
and hate sewing anything by hand
so it's a bit strange to me that i enjoy knitting so much
especially those simple repetitive patterns..
but from some reason, i really enjoy making same moves 
over and over and over again

i've also tried cross stitching last autumn..
my grandma thought me some embroidery techniques 
some 20 years ago
(i still own a pillow case with few embroidered cherries and leaves 
i did in satin stitch, ages ago)
but i haven't tried anything similar since..
well, not until few months ago
when i realized i really enjoy embroidery too..
and that's how this cute little skull came into being

Friday, February 27


dress - burda 09/2012, #107

made this dress back in november
but it took me ages to take pics
(even those crappy phone ones)
had only 1.1m of fabric
and somehow squeezed dress out of that..
i managed to make front symmetric
back is a mess
but i can live with that
dunno what the fabric is supposed to be used for
wouldn't be surprised if it's upholstery 
it's quite stiff..
but i loved the print
(and it hides seams pretty well..
so you don't get to see my freestyle back double pointed darts
that are everything but symmetric)

Friday, February 20

coat time

coat - burda (08/2012, #101)
shirt - burda (05/2012, #104)
pants - burda (07/2011, #102)

bought this houndstooth wool boucle few years ago
with idea of turning it into a cape,
but that never happened
last winter i planned to turn it
into burda's coat from one of the 70s issues,
and even traced billion pattern pieces
but winter never came
so i abandoned that idea too
this winter i thought i might use the fabric 
to make burda's oversized coat from 2012
but that would probably end up as another forgotten plan
if it wasn't for my friend tea
one day last month
we were having one of our usual never ending talks 
probably fueled with too many beers
and the idea of coat challenge was born!
we choose february 15th as a deadline
and while tea finished her coat on time
and even managed to finish another one in the meantime
i was late, as usual
i finally managed to finish it yesterday
so tea and i met to take pics of our coats together 
(well, not really together, as there is not a single pic of two of us together)
we barely had time to take any pics at all 
since i was so late, that we had only last moments of daylight to shoot them,
and that's why there are no any details pictured
no lining shots, and the coat is not buttoned in any of the pics
it's fun to have a new coat finally
as i'm constantly wearing the one that i've made 5 years ago
and even though it still holds up pretty well
i kind of got a bit tired of it
now go check out tea's amazing coat